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Disclaimer: Please consult your physician(s) before trying the keto diet. The founders and contributors are not doctors or nutritionists.

My Fit Keto was founders, Olivia and Jonnathan, are two keto lifestyle followers, who switched from the “normal” American diet to the keto diet, with hopes of finding a way to lose weight, increase energy, eliminate cravings, and improve mental clarity. One evening, while eating with Olivia’s brother, they were explaining the frustrations of how different “diets” never leaves you feeling fully satisfied and typically causes cravings within an hour after each meal. Olivia’s brother said, “Have you considered the keto-diet?” Not looking for another fad diet, Olivia and Jonnathan, initially refused to hear about the diet, however, weeks later, while fed up, Olivia began to research it.

Upon her research, Olivia presented her findings to Jonnathan, a Marketing Director by trade, giving him all the details, from science behind the keto “diet” to the negative press she’s found. Jonnathan, an Asian American, initially refused to even consider it, thinking it was the Atkins diet repackaged, however, as he watched videos on the history of the diet, and read more success stories about it, he was willing to give the lifestyle a try.

The next morning, Jonnathan awoke to a meal of thick cut, uncured hickory smoked bacon, and scrambled eggs which was cooked in the bacon drippings and topped with butter and sea salt. Surprised by ingredients of his first breakfast, he was excited by the idea of being able to eat bacon again. For lunch, Olivia surprised Jonnathan with fried cauli-rice, steamed broccoli seasoned with sea salt and butter, a small spinach salad topped with pecans, goat cheese crumbles, with a ranch dressing, and about eight ounces of ribeye steak. Then for dinner, Olivia prepared braised pork belly, fried cauli-rice, and a large mixed salad. With each meal, Jonnathan struggled with changing his mindset on what ingredients was suddenly allowed and encouraged and what ingredients that he needed to avoid. However, after the first day on the new keto eating plan, he was sold.

Jonnathan grew up the son of restaurant and convenience store owners. His parents taught him how to cook like a professional chef their restaurant and unfortunately groomed him to eat junk food and drink sodas at the convenience store. Those early life experiences, as well as being Asian, made the keto diet, particularly challenging for him, first reprogramming his mind to avoid rice and rice products and second figuring out how to recreate the dishes he grew up cooking and craving.

Olivia grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana, in a family who loved cajun food which are synonymous for spicy, rich, decadent, carby dishes. From boudain to crawfish etouffee, Olivia grew up in a culture which celebrated its food. Similar to Jonnathan, Olivia’s struggled with reprogramming her mind to avoid rice, however breads, pastas, and desserts were the carbs of choice for her. With a food culture as vibrant as cajun cuisine, Olivia sought out keto friendly ingredients that would allow her to recreate the cajun dishes she grew up with, and recipes which also appealed to Jonnathan’s eclectic taste buds. As you navigate our website, look for their keto-fied Cajun, Italian, Vietnamese, and Chinese inspired dishes.

Once they were “all-in” the founders soon found conflicting studies, contradictive advice, and bland recipes. Leaning on their cultures and training as both personal training and culinary arts, Olivia and Jonnathan created My Fit Keto to provide their advice, tasty recipes, restaurant reviews, and kitchen appliance/tool reviews, to help you live a successful keto lifestyle.