Location,Texas 77096,USA

Olivia Landes Truong

Disclaimer: Please consult your physician(s) before trying the keto diet. Olivia is not a doctor or nutritionist.

Olivia grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana, in a family who loved cajun food which is synonymous with spicy, rich, decadent, carby dishes. From boudain to crawfish etouffee, Olivia grew up in a culture which celebrated its food. Olivia spent years as a certified personal trainer, before marrying her husband Jonnathan. Although, she is no longer a personal trainer, Olivia has a passion to help people discover creative and fulfilling ways to support and maintain a healthy lifestyle through consuming nutrient rich food made with a wide range of ingredients.

Glean on Olivia’s experience as a health professional, wife, and foody, as she shares her secrets to living a successful keto lifestyle.