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Keto Lifestyle

Disclaimer: Please consult your physician(s) before trying the keto diet. The founders and contributors are not doctors or nutritionists.

At My Fit Keto, we like to state that keto is more a lifestyle choice than it is an traditional “diets.” This is why we’ve coined the term “keto lifestyle” as a way for people on the keto diet to explain what they are. The word “diet” has been traditionally associated with tiny portions, limited calories, constant hunger, and sacrificing of the flavors and textures you love. This is why we feel the the term “keto diet” doesn’t fit the traditional use of the word “diet.” 

If asked, My Fit Keto founders Olivia and Jonnathan, two keto lifestylers, would tell you with that the keto diet has left them feeling satisfied and full, while eliminating their typical cravings, which a person gets on traditional diets. 

“We believe that once a people truly gives the keto lifestyle a fair try, most would admit that the keto diet is more a lifestyle, a way of living, than a traditional diet.”

Jonnathan Truong

As you navigate our site. Please feel free to ask questions. We are developing a resource page which links you to videos, studies, and websites, we personally use when living the keto lifestyle.

So, stop dieting and start living a new lifestyle.