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Keto Diet

Disclaimer: Please consult your physician(s) before trying the keto diet. The founders and contributors are not doctors or nutritionists.

The word “diet” has been synonymous with small portions, limited calories, hunger, and sacrificing. To us, the “keto diet” doesn’t fit the negative stereotypes associated with the word “diet.” As two keto lifestyle followers, we can tell you with absolutely certainty that the keto diet does not leave you feeling unsatisfied, hungry, and craving bad food. Rather, people who have truly given the keto diet a fair try will tell you that the keto way of eating is, by far, the most satisfying “diet” they have ever tried. 

This is why we aim to change the negative stigmas associated with the word “diet” in “keto diet” and reprogram your mind that eating keto is a lifestyle, rather than a diet. We compare keto to lifestyles called vegan and vegetarian in the fact that neither of these ways of living are called diets, rather vegans or vegetarians typically refer to their lifestyle as a noun. For instance, a vegan will say, “I am a Vegan,” than than say, “I am on the vegan diet.” Similar can be said about vegetarians. 

Keto is a lifestyle, and a person living the lifestyle should use keto as a noun, stating, “I am a keto,” or “I live the keto lifestyle.”

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