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It’s Naptime

By: Olivia Landes Truong and Jonnathan Zin Truong

As keto bloggers, we have heard a few common complaints from those on keto, such as, plateauing in weight, constant exhaustion, and sudden bouts with insomnia. In this article we will discuss one game changing key to overcoming all three issues, getting good quality sleep on a nightly basis.

Fat Burning & Weight Loss:

Many people on keto hit plateaus throughout their keto journey. For some of you, you may have just reached your sweet spot, while for others, you may be seeking to lose the last few inches in your waistline or pounds on the scale. Whatever your goals are, please consult a physician on what your ideal weight should be. One huge key to breaking through those plateaus is through consistently getting good quality sleep. Did you know that a lot of your daily fat burning happens while in slumber? It’s true, the magically nightly weight loss happens because your body naturally replenishes human growth hormone (HGH). HGH is a natural and vital hormone which stimulates tissue and bone growth and regulates metabolic, cognitive, and adrenal function. The hormone is also important for its role in countering the effects of insulin and reversing insulin resistance, which are keys in maintaining ketosis. 

Insulin resistance is reversed with good sleep because good sleep helps your body to regulate blood sugars. Also, good sleep promotes the recovery of vital organs, such as the liver, where ketones are produced.


There are many reasons a person on keto may suffer from exhaustion throughout the day. Some reasons are, drinking too much coffee throughout the day, not supplementing with additional electrolytes, eating too often which spikes insulin, and simply not getting enough good sleep. If you’re like Jonnathan, who is always on the go, be sure to reprogram your habits with schedule time to rest throughout the day and going to bed early enough to allow your body a chance to fully recover.


Similar to exhaustion, there are many reasons a person on keto may suffer with insomnia. The reasons are the same as exhaustion, which are, drinking too much coffee throughout the day, not supplementing with additional electrolytes, and eating too often which spikes insulin. One major reason many people on keto initially suffer from insomnia is simple because ketones is a more efficient energy source, especially for our brains. Better energy source equals more energy and brain function. To help, those who are looking to solve any of the issues we listed above, we’ve compiled a few keys to help you regain your sleep, below.

Here are a few keys to better sleep:

  • Cut back on caffeine, recommend limiting to 1 cup of coffee per day
  • Exercise regularly to burn off the extra energy your body is trying to adapt to 
  • Eat less frequently. The more you eat, the more times you spike your insulin
  • Reduce stress to help ensure healthier adrenals and promote better sleep
  • Get tested for and treat sleep apnea. If you snore or snort throughout your sleep, it may not be the diet which is affecting you but rather a restricted airway
  • Add electrolytes. Having enough of the right electrolytes, calcium magnesium and potassium are important electrolytes for regulating sleep
  • Add B1 (thiamin). Many people are deficient in this vitamin. You can get this supplement in pill form or by taking unfortified nutritional yeast, in addition to the foods that naturally contain it, seafood, lean meats, poultry, eggs, nuts, seeds, and pork

We hope this article helped you understand the benefits of good sleep and how to obtain it. Sweet dreams!