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Firecracker Salmon

Ingredients: 1½ lb salmon fillet, no skin 2 green onions, chopped 3 cloves garlic, minced (marinade) 1 T fresh ginger, minced (marinade) 1/2 cup olive oil (marinade) 1/2 cup soy sauce or 1/4 cup of coconut aminos (marinade) 2 tbsp Swerve (marinade) 1/4 c chili garlic sauce (marinade) 1 tsp ground black pepper (marinade) Direction:…
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Smothered Okra

Ingredients 8 cups sliced okra (1 1/2 lbs.) 1 medium/large bell pepper, cubed  1/2 (2 oz) stick of butter (We recommend Kerrygold Butter) 1/4 cup olive oil 2 slices of smoked bacon, cooked and crumbled 1 medium white onion, chopped 2 tsp. chopped garlic ~ 3 tsp Cajun spice (We recommend Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning)…
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Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant & Lounge

By Jonnathan Zin Truong Years ago, when Olivia and I started dating, she said to me while we were deciding on a restaurant to eat at, “You pick a restaurant that you think I would like.” Being Asian-American, she may have expected me to choose an Asian inspired restaurant which provided her favorite genre of…
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